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Ozlinguo & Education Services Pty Ltd is a reputable Australian company offering immigration, education, and translation services both locally and internationally. Founded in 2003, its headquarters is conveniently located in Queen Street, one of the most prestigious streets in Melbourne CBD.
Over the years, our expertise in the field and commitment to providing premium service has helped hundreds of our clients successfully migrate to and settle in Australia. With a team of talents from a range of sectors, Ozlinguo & Education Services has also made significant contribution to the cross cultural communication between Australia and Asian countries. All our employees have qualifications of postgraduate degrees and above from top tertiary institutions and accreditations required for specialized sectors such as law, immigration, education, translation and foreign affairs.
At Ozlinguo & Education Services Pty Ltd, our professional and highly experienced registered migration agents, who are registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), will provide you with immigration and visa assistance and ensure a smooth and efficient process. We specialize in designing the optimized migration option and determining the most suitable visa category for you and your family. Whether you plan to study in Australia, decide to joint your spouse or reunite with you family in Australia, wish to work for an Australian employer, need you academic qualifications translated and assessed or consider starting a business in Australia, we will assist you in all phases of the application process. We can assure you that once you become a client, you can count on us to:
• Act in your best interests throughout the case
• Maximize your chances of success at every stage of the process
• Keep your case details confidential

Ozlinguo has contributed significantly to the educational communication between Australia and Asian countries and made great achievements. As a professional overseas study services provider, Ozlinguo enjoys a very good reputation both locally and internationally. It has not only been awarded as an authorized representative by many Australian universities and colleges, but also been recognized and appreciated by students on the basis of its excellent services. At present, we have clients from Vietnam, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Zimbabwe, and India.

Ozlinguo is also well known for its professional translating and interpreting service in both Australia and China. It has been entrusted by the government agencies with all kinds of official documents translation covering areas such as immigration, finance and law. We have a high quality translation and interpretation team with all members have NAATI Level 3 professional translation and interpretation qualification and the documents that we translate are accepted by all government of non-government organizations in Australia, including immigration department and foreign affairs department. We also provide high-level interpreting services including conference interpreting, training interpreting and tour interpreting.

As education is a dynamic industry and there are continuous changes in the immigration regulations and education policies, we strongly commit ourselves in constantly upgrading our team, knowledge, and ourselves and pursuing continuous professional development.

To find out how we can help you in seeking further study, pursuing future career, getting a visa or migrating to Australia, or translating a document or attending an interpreting task, simply email us at ozlinguo@gmail.com or ring us on + 61 3 96703065 to make an appointment for an initial confidential, FREE consultancy.

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